We are all a little obsessed with our cars. That's why sites like  prudentplus.comare so popular. Next to our houses there are probably the most expensive possessions we will ever buy, but we have a greatly over exaggerated opinion of just how good they are for us. We all have this idea in our mind about being whirled at high speed from one town to the next but have you ever settle down to work out how much time we spend in traffic jams? And would it surprise you to know that the average speed of the UK driver is only 8 miles an hour? Truly, we would be better off scrapping our cars and buying bicycles. At least we could never get banned from driving a bicycle.

Did you know that you could end up being banned just for lending your car to a friend? Unbelievable isn't it? Let us imagine that your pal down the road borrowed your car for a quick trip to the shops, got pulled in by the law, breathalysed and turned out to be stone cold sober. So far no problem. What happens though when he has to show his car insurance certificate, and he hasn't got one! That isn't just his problem it is yours, too; a little bit of legal gobbledygook called the 1988 Road Traffic Act made it an offence to permit someone to drive your car if that person was not insured. Not a problem you may say, you are absolutely sure that he was insured so you have a valid defence! Nope, it is what the lawyers call 'an absolute offence' which means that whether or not the guy had sworn on the holy Bible that he was insured, that she was the most trustworthy man who ever of what the face of the earth, that he would never dream of doing such a diabolical thing, it cuts no ice whatsoever. You are guilty, end of story, and you face a huge fine and six points on your licence that could take you over the edge into a disqualification.

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Now one day you be very glad that I told you about temporary car insurance. This type of policy is very, very simple to arrange, and once you have fired up your trusty computer and gone online you can buy a days car insurance for your mate within about 5 min of sitting down! The cost is very cheap and you are could be fully insured and legally able to drive the moment you paid a fee, which is done by credit card. Your mate would be happy, too, because if he was pulled up by the law and the police officers concerned decided that he was probably not insured they would be likely to impound the car, and it would cost about 150 to get it back out again! That could make it a very expensive shopping trip indeed!

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